Thursday, July 27, 2006

Storm Chasers

Nothing so grand in reality but the heatwave here broke this evening with the mother of all thunderstorms. R and I have something of a thing for thunderstorms so we drove down to the sea-front to watch. I've just had an operation and so today is the first time I've driven the car since. Lightning like I've never seen before, I swear the multiple, horizontal forks stretched the entire length of the Solent. And whilst the sky along the Solent looked like an 'electromagnetic disturbance cloud' special effect from Star Trek, the Isle of Wight was being hit by huge ground strikes something like once every ten seconds at the height of the storm. Gosport too taking a pummeling but the city-haze there turning the lightning orange. The sea-front was lined with people standing, watching, soaking up the gentle but almost hot rain. This at 10.30pm. An eerie atmosphere compounded by the fact we were standing just down from the fun-fair with it's coloured neon adding more tones to the night air. The whole thing both exciting and exhausting (for me at least). Glad we went to watch, but perhaps shouldn't have: the glued up holes in my chest are beginning to ache just a little again...

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David E. Patton said...

Two weeks ago we had a heatwave where the temp reach over 100 and it was also broken by a storm that came with very high winds that took out some trees all over the city and a lot of people lst their power. During the worst of it I went out onto the upper back porch and standing in the high fast moving winds that filled the air with dust and leaves I was overtaken by a sense of wonder to feel nature in all her glory.

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