Sunday, April 09, 2006

Then I discover that, at least in choosing his roles, Garell too has a penchant for incest. 'Ma Mere' is a film based on a book/novella of the same name by Georges Bataille in which a 17 year old boy, following the death of his adulterous father, finds himself for the first time as an 'adult' spending a lot of time with his mother and her coterie of femmes fatales. Again, the suffocating atmosphere, again the erotic charge (and again plenty of Garrel's dick on screen!) and it all leads in one direction... If you need any encouragement to go rent the film then these are a few of the Joe Public reviews from Amazon: "this film is debasing filth", "left feeling disgusted and faintly nauseous" and "the most disturbing film I have ever seen" -well it would make me want to see it!

[All pictures are screen shots from Me Mere]

Plenty more of Garrel here.

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