Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some pictures..

...I'm selling at the moment on ebay - culled from R's portfolio... all except one which is mine but no prizes for guessing which.


adjoun said...

hi callum

I have a illustration of the scouts in bondage book up my blog.

I like your blog. lots of interesting stuff. the tarcisius statue was in my mind recently after watching the les amities particulaires the french catholic schoolboy love flic from the 60s where the statue is part of the interior of the dean's office.

I was also interested in the masochistic kidnap-fantasies you had as a child. maybe the above scouts book is a good illustration of that. I had those fantassies too.

if you care to have a look at my drawings please go to

the netherlands

James D. Jenkins said...

Hi -- do you have any more copies of the Corvo or Forrest Reid books that you handmade and were selling on ebay? Please let me know --



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