Sunday, April 09, 2006

Louis Garell, incest, film and books.

My strange quirk for enjoying the eroticism of the incestuous... I've told the story in some previous notes of Gilbert Adair and his book, 'The Holy Innocents' which transmuted over time into a second book and a Bertolucci film 'The Dreamers'. The Book collector in me wanted the first edition of 'The Holy Innocents' - not least because, as the author's disliked first version of the story, it is never likely to be reprinted. But I resigned myself when I discovered that it retails for £100-£250. There is an American and a UK first edition, both published 1988, the US by Putnam, the UK by Heinemann. And I found one! The best local bookshop to me had a UK first - unavailable on the internet for less than £150 and they had it marked at £15. So for ten times less than any other copy I now have a UK first edition of 'The Holy Innocents'

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