Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Trent Ford

Have had so much I've wanted to blog about recently but only a couple of hours each day at the computer and other things have pushed it out. So today I'm introducing you to another lust object - something I'm not going to do very often because there's a million and one places to find such smutty niceness on the internet - but this guy is a notch above in my humble opinion. Trent Ford, actor and model who I met for the first time during my insatiable watching of the West Wing.
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Can't sit still.... said...

oh god he is beautiful. He was on The West Wing?? I don't remember, and I think I would...although there were a couple seasons I missed.

Callum said...

Isn't he just! - He played Zoe Bartlett's irritating French boyfriend 'Jean-Paul' in season 4 which ended with her kidnap, in which he played no small part.

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