Tuesday, January 17, 2006


In the course of putting together the Tarcissus booklet (see below) I spent some time googling St Tarcisius (Rolfe's spelling is eccentric), looking on the whole for inspiration for an illustration or two. In doing so I came across this most fantastic statue ot Tarcisius in the Musee D'Orsay. I'm in love - I want to lick, kiss and lie down naked next to this staue. Looking at him there you begin to realise why marmoreal has been such a common adjective in poetry to descrbe skin, you begin to realise just what a sucessful medium for figurative poetry marble has been over the centuries. There is something so sensual about it and the cool smoothness just enough to remove it from the feel of real skin to make it exotic, a bit fetishistic and somehow doubly attractlve. In the end I used an early twentieth century Holy Card for the interior illustration in Tarcissus, but had I been able to do proper photographic reproduction, this is what would have been in booklet.

PS. First decent night's sleep in day last night (I think the strategy of ignoring the hour and just doing creative/useful things whilst not sleeping probably helped) still feeling a little light headed and confused about what day it is and so on but on the whole much better. Thank you 'Can't Sit Still' for empathic words...


porcelain skull said...


il be in paris on friday,
so il lick him for you!,

take care, alex,x.

Can't sit still.... said...

Each of your 3 photos present a different interpretation of the pose and expression...supplication, adoration, ecstasy... really nice work. And a beautiful piece.

Can't sit still.... said...

oops, make that "presents". What's happening to me??? ;-)

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