Sunday, January 15, 2006

Insomnia and the latest publication

So, I decided that if I'm gonna be awake between midnight and 5am I might as well do something constructive with the time. I have been promising myself an attempt at a hard back book for a long time now and I had all the materials so last night was the night. I'm insufferably proud of the result. A forty page hardback book which looks and feels like a high quality production. This is Three Tales of Venice by Frederick Rolfe which I'm hoping will appeal to the collectors of material on Venice as well as the Corvomaniacs. This is a proof copy - the text block I used was un-checked and it will be a little while before I have finished copies to put online for sale but frankly I'm almost in a place where I want to frame this one. The whole book has a real feel to it.

From my introduction:
"The stories presented here are not major pieces of literature: they are amusing and anecdotal. They do provide, however, an excellent showcase for Rolfe's passion and the sheer force of life that was in him. They also contain some of the most beautiful descriptions of the Venetian Lagoon to be found anywhere in English"

PS. Thank you 'Can't Sit Still' for checking in and having a look at the R photos. And to 'Porcelain Skull' for leaving comments to. :-) the anthology blog mentioned below is still on the cards too... watch this space...

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