Friday, December 23, 2005


I've always had a thing for notebooks. Since I was very small I kept books which were filled with doodles, maths, paragraphs of writing, notes about things I liked and so on. BBC Radio 4 this morning had a article about the expansion of 'scrapbooking' - a $5m industry now apparently - but spend any time online looking at most of this stuff and you'll see nothing but Victorian fairy cut outs and sickly sweet spreads about 'love', 'hope', 'charity' and so on... I like 'real' notebooks not the paralysed creative outpourings of middle-aged women in mid-life crisis mode. Sorry to be so cynical but that's how it seems most of the time. Found these the other day - much more like it... HERE

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Can't sit still.... said...

Yeah, I'm with you...I couldn't understand why there were freakin' courses in this stuff...I mean, it always struck me as a profoundly personal thing. Anyway, I like the site you linked to... cool stuff.

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