Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More Odd One-Off Books

Well Christmas has now been and gone. Portsmouth has been plunged into an ice-bucket and the snow is on its way - I'm told. Certainly there's that ominous grey-white in the sky and the sea looks like burred silver today. Made the crossing over the Solent yesterday (Boxing Day) to do Christmas with the family (Xmas Day itself spent with R's family) - wind was like a steel blade and the felt more like we were skating than sailing - beautiful!

To business, found these two sites recently. The 'ths' site is very David Carson but I enjoyed what he calls his 'gluebooks' which can be found - if you're happy to hunt for it - from a link off his main page. And I loved the idea of this book which was sent back and forth across the Atlantic between Ireland and New York to four different artists each of whom did a spread each and then sent it on again - would love to be involved in something like that.

PS - Rapsode, thanks so much for dropping by and appreciating my first stirrings in digital illustration. I'm afraid my Spanish(?) is much worse than your English so I can't make much of your blog :-(. 'Cant Sit Still' Yes, who the hell would want to do a course in this stuff!? Hope you all had as good a Christmas as possible...

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