Monday, December 19, 2005

In Need of Champions

I spend a lot of time lost in the ether looking for poetry, prose, someting to stir and intrigue - however, for the most part, the Internet has only multiplied the opportunities for outpourings of adolescent angst, lost lovers pining, self-important nonsense and bizarre 'why was this even written let alone published online' poetry. But then I discovered blogs and, what is it about them, the writing I've found from surfing the blogosphere has been, on the whole, literate, exciting, challenging and even when I don't undersand the content or intent, tickles something in my reptile brain that makes me want to drink more of it. So, a quick guide to some of the stuff I've found and go back to check out from time to time.

An Irish guy writing really pithy, understated poems influenced by cummings and Carlos Williams (aren't we all) - simple, well formed: Alex.

A New Yorker with wiry, psychologically tough nuggets! check out 'Barbie' in particular: Richard Siek.

Then there's Teenagekicks whose blog is not all fiction - which is confusing and challenging and make for a fascinating ride as you scan back through the archive of his posts - a little surreal, witty and sometimes dark: Teenagekicks.

Don't know anything about this next guy except that he has a wild imagination and lets it loose in free-flow, slightly cut-up style prose that is just a little macabre - in the same way the fairgrounds at night are macabre: TPKendall.

Fantastic zine to be had here in pdf - a cross between a serial killer's notbook and a schoolboy's doodles: Joshua Feola.

And of course, don't forget Richard Siken whose evangelist I am! - link in the sidebar.

And the last discovery today has nothing to do with the written word - a blog of images and design Never Happened dot Org a place full of funky pictures and fabulous links.

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