Friday, December 02, 2005

Getting Published

Today's good news - one of my stories is being considered for a collection of gay erotica called 'Inside Him' which is billed as a sister volume to 'Fresh Men' which was an anthology of gay-writing that won awards I belive. I've had some luck recently with story publication ever since I took the decision to write my own thing in my own style. So I started putting out gritty, urban, slightly unreal erotic stories populated by tough, skinny, wiry young things - and not had one rejected yet. Obviously there's an element of matching the story to the anthology.

Most recently, and perhaps the story I'm most pround of at the moment was 'The Order of the Snake' in Men and Ink published by Alyson this year. But there's also a breakthrough with one of my fave online erotica places who have agreed to take a queer story based on Caravaggio and the lad who modelled for his painting Boy Bitten By Lizard. That'll be up on their site towards the end of Decemeber they tell me.

I enjoyed getting a rather subversive story in Haworth Press' The Best of Both Wolds: Bisexual Erotica this year too - subversive because it's the only erotic story I've ever come across which uses testicular cancer as a major plotline!

Now beginning work on something which might become a novel. The first paragraphs of which are over on Silver Birch Junction, my writing blog.

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