Friday, November 11, 2005

Storm Constantine

I simply don't understand why Storm Constantine is not more widely read and appreciated as a fantasy author. Her Wraeththu Trilogy are edgy urban fantasies, barely fantasy in the genre sense at all and full of beautiful, adolescent same-sex desire and sex. I have a set of the first Wraeththu Trilogy now in first edition and signed but as a measure of how undervalued they are, Macdonald, who published the first two in hardback and then pb, went to publish the third and realised how many they had left in stock of the first two and only issued it in paperback. It was left to an enterprising private publisher to put out the third in Hardback which he did really well, copying the first two in every detail except for the name of the publisher.

I've just finished the Magravandian Trilogy - much more firmly in the fantasy genre (and I'm not normally a fantasy reader at all) and found the subtle, political, deeply psychologically truthgul books, again with just about every form of sexual congress imaginable from brother-sister incest to male rape and everything in between - all of which was told truthfully in the context of a fine story over three books - and yet still she isn't up there in sales terms. Buy the Wraeththu books - buy the Magravandian Trilogy: Sea Dragon Heir, Crown of Silence, Way of Light.

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