Thursday, November 24, 2005

Samuel R. Delany Excitement

I know this is the geekish excitement of a collector but it's been a great week or so for my Samuel R. Delany collection.

First I received three items from one souce, the great Kelly Freas, SF illustrator who died recently is having his estate sold off. From there I purchased two cover proofs for different impressions of the Ace Book's edition of 'Fall of the Towers' both signed by Freas and the book itself signed on the cover by Freas in one of the editions.

Second, today came six issues of 'The New York Review of Science Fiction' all with (mainly) uncollected articles by SRD and all previously the property of Lee Balantine the famous SF editor and publisher.

Third, in the late 60's one of SRD's best stories, The Star Pit was turned - by him - into a two hour radio play and broadast on the New York station, WBAI, and it was so popular it was repeated for many years. Finally someone has digitised the play and it's available for download here. Which is a fantastic find!

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