Saturday, November 12, 2005


As I'm trying to bring this blog up to speed I thought it was time for a quick update on which project I've mentioned in the past are still ON and which new things are going on. The Haiku book is OFF - at least for the time being. This is largely because of a couple of small publishing projects which have been selling pretty well.

Boris Orloff by Rev's Edwin Emmanuel Bradford: I recently produced a handstitched booklet in a limited edition of 50 of this short story first published in the Boys Own Paper in the 1890s by the eccentric uranian poet and Church of England clergyman. There was a small privately printed edition by Timothy D'Arch Smith which Tim used as Christmas gifts but this was some time ago. It's a thoroughly sentimental tale of a romantic friendship between Victorian schoolboys - not at all the usual fare of Boy's Own.

Rolfe at Oscott: Two Letters: This was a happy accident. I discovered two previously unknown and unpublished letters by Frederick Rolfe from the time just after he was forced to leave Oscott. Again published in a handmade, handstitched booklet limited to 50. These have been selling very nicely and I'm alreay half-way through the edition. Ironically, I was so keen to get them out that just after I finished them yet another letter relating to Rolfe and Oscott came to light. I'm saving this for another time and in the hope that there may be yet more in the same archive.

Upcoming: I have permission to publish a short story by the now little known and underrated Forrest Reid. It is, I think his first published work dating to 1909. I'm in the process of trying to organise some illustrations. Likewise, trying to organise the illustrations for Rolfe's 'Three Venetian Tales' first published in Blackwoods Magazine. These last are going to be something more in terms of production as I think I will be creating three separate booklets and slipcases to house them in.

Wishing: The plan for the future is to continue to find obscure bits of queer literature that might have a small niche audience. I'd like to be publishing more modern work as well, although copyright concerns become more intense at that stage, and bibliographical/checklist material.

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