Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another Bookish Day in London

Bitterly cold, winter has suddenly descended, the shock feels a little like a handclap right next to the ears. R had to go to London for an interview with an agency which, knowing the moneygrubbing proclivities of these organisations, will probably turn up nothing. However, it gave me an excuse to waddle up The Charing Cross Road. Saw much, had little money. An 1836 manual of Catholic liturgy I thought I could get more for than the £10 asked but in the end it was left behind. What I did find was a first edition of Derek Jarman's Modern Nature which I've been looking for a long time. I've read it of course, many times, and probably waxed lyrical about it on this blog somewhere below but this was the first decent copy of the First Edition I've seen so it's now mine! In a moment that could only happen on the Charing Cross Road, as I was paying the owners started telling me what a good customer Jarman had been, popping in maybe once a week for five years; as soon as they said this I remembered all the references to books bought there, littered throughout his journals.

Also, unusually, spent some time in some 'new' bookshops and found a copy of 'The Rough Guide to Cult Fiction'. Great little book for those moments when someone enthusiastically mentions some book or author as if you really should have heard of them... will now go running to this book for the background.

The nicest part of the day tho? With Winter drawing in and the sy dark by four o'clock, walking through the backstreets between Charing Cross Road and Covent Garden with R, keeping each other's hands warm, watching the street performers, taking hot chocolate and cookies at the best cookie stall in the world.

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