Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Storm Constantine - Wreaththu

Was very pleased to discover Storm Constantine has expanded her books about The Wreaththu. I have just started collecting the first trilogy and have signed copies of the first two Macdonald HB books. A helpful dealer on Ebay then filled in some of the printing history for me, which I was finding confusing. The first two books were published by Macdonald but when they came to publish the third they discovered that they had significant stock of the first two still left so they only published the third in paperback. The dealer I was talking to stepped in at this point and bought the rights to a hardcover edition and brought out a ‘matching’ volume under his own, ‘Drunken Dragon’ imprint. There were not many of these printed which is why it is the rarest of the three books in first, HB edition. I have found a reasonably priced copy online and will buy it as soon as I have some spare pennies. What’s nice to know too is that Constantine has written at least three more books about the Wreaththu now and that her own publishing company is open to Wreaththu mythos novels from other authors.

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