Monday, June 20, 2005

Gay Erotic Haiku

I have a project: an extremely limited edition of a book. I have, over many years written a number of erotic haiku. I have a tendency to sneer at haiku as an inappropriate import from a foreign language: the stressing and placement of syllables in Japanese has a semantic just not possible in English. But I find that I have to be humble and, whilst I might have told myself at the time that these were ‘just exercises’, now I find I quite like then and I know I enjoyed writing them. So, a book full of erotic haiku which I intend to illustrate – will have to create a large number of prints. The cover will have to be decorated although not yet sure how. And each one will be wrapped – not covered – with the most wonderful blue leather that I have found. The limitation of the edition will be determined by how much leather I have.

Three examples:

In the blind white flash
Of your fingers tracing line
On my thigh, I sink

Greenstick, rippled bark,
Spring wood bouncing back to stand
When it slips my mouth.

A finger in your
Most intimate flesh is like
Pushing through soft fruit.

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