Thursday, May 26, 2005

Beautiful Evening

Went for a walk this evening in the long avenue that marches for nearly half a mile towards Stanstead House. It was the first evening of warm weather this year, lovely to feel the warmth of a low sun at six in the evening. When we reached the end of the avenue and looked back the violently straight lines of woodland on either side were vivid green close by and then faded into darker, greyer mistier greens as the avenue’s perspective closed. Just like in a good watercolour. Didn’t seem right to go straight home so we took a slow drive through country lanes, weaving in and out of Hampshire and West Sussex.

Stopped in Petersfield where there is a great bookshop which has an open courtyard open 24 hrs. I buy lots of books here for 50p each, sometimes coming up in the early hours of the morning when I can’t sleep. Bought a battered old copy of ‘The Life of Jesus of Nazareth – 80 Pictures by William Hole R.S.A’. (Fine Art Society and Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1904) Normally wouldn’t even look at a book like this but is was old and unloved, falling apart in fact. The pictures are bright and sentimental illustrations of scenes from the Gospels. I will break this up and see how they sell as a job lot perhaps.

On the way home down the A3, the forests covering the Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Butser Hill were steaming in the twilight. Huge plumes of mist rising into the sky made it look like a set for Lord of the Rings

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